Musica Para Cuatro Manos

Classical music is for everyone. Even the simplest people in the poorest areas in the Philippines enjoy listening to classical music. I have seen and experienced it on a solo tour I did in 2016. We Filipinos have a strong sense of imagination, and if we are given the right introduction before a concert, we all learn how to listen attentively. Listening does not just become a form of entertainment but a mental activity. In big cities, where everyone gets caught up with the pressures of social media, and a fast paced life, I see classical concerts as a chance for the people to forget time and just be still through active listening. In poor areas, where the main problem is where to get the next meal, classical music is a chance to experience beauty out of „nothing“ and a chance to have some real experience and inspiration.

Sadly, it is something that is not accessible to everyone. I grew up in Tacloban (a small city in central Philippines), and it had always saddened me that even my own hometown has not heard me play. Each time I go to the Philippines, this urge to share music and the beauty it brings just gets stronger.

Musica para Cuatro Manos is a project that hopes to give access to classical music even to the remote areas of the country. The main idea is to have a yearly tour to three or four cities outside of Manila. To have two to five locally based pianists and give 4-hand piano concerts. It is a fun way of sharing music and it is a lesser intimidating setting to remote areas that have never seen a piano at all. A quick introduction will be done to every work presented and a 15 minute Question and Answer portion at the end of the concert. The last part is inevitable to help the audience clarify things and questions that could come up during the concert.

I am more than happy to announce its first launching tour this July 2019 with an equally good pianist Karla Maria Diño!