My mind comes back to life.

All my senses once more experience awakening.

I am now bound to the open
To feel the beauty of nature,
The warmth of a child's touch,
And to hear the soothing sound of music.
I will cease to the euphoria my mind has to offer.
As I step to face the world,
I then come to realize...
Life is not all about beauty;
It is a jigsaw puzzle.
With teary eyes I come to face reality.

The world below me trembles
The land seeks for my help
Many a times I ignore it
But my senses still accept it.
Illusion comes to a halt,
All became clear and tangible
Reality is what it is called
Reality is not so dark at all.
I reached out a hand,
I felt pain but it did not last.
Pain is not permanent
Darkness is not a pit.
Everything would change if one would hope...
Darkness approaches, but I will still hope.

A day has passed
I have conquered reality.
All is dark.
I cling to my being
Trying to restore all that was lost.
I feast once more,
Life has offered me diversity...
One whole day, a hundred sensations.
My body tires now.
I must retreat.
My mind needs to rest.
I shall close my eyes
And await for the coming of the light.

(ca. 2005)